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  • The pump KM for light oil products
The pump KM for light oil products
  • The pump KM for light oil products
  • The pump KM for light oil products
  • The pump KM for light oil products
  • The pump KM for light oil products

The pump KM for light oil products

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

Pump KM

The unit pump the KM type consists of the pump and the electric motor mounted on the extended end of a shaft of the electric motor. The pump fastens to an electric motor flange by means of an intermediate detail – a lamp. The supply of the pumped-over liquid is carried out horizontally on pump axes, branch – up.

The pump KM - centrifugal, horizontal, console, monoblock. KM pumps are intended for pumping of water of technological appointment with pH from 6 to 9 (except sea) and other liquids similar to water on density, viscosity and chemical activity in systems of water supply, heating, circulation. The amount of firm inclusions is up to 0,2 mm with volume concentration no more than 0,1%.

Temperature of the pumped-over liquid depends on consolidation type:

from 0 to +85 °C – with unary omental consolidation;
from 0 to +105 °C – with double omental consolidation;
from 0 to +140 °C – with unary face consolidation.

The unit pump the KM type can work both with discharge, and with a podpor on an entrance. The maximum pressure on a pump entrance – 0,35 MPas for pumps KM with omental consolidation and 0,8 MPas for pumps KM with face consolidation.

Centrifugal pumps KM are one of the most numerous and demanded industrial pumps because of their relative simplicity and have a powerful share in a domestic nasosostroyeniye.
Console monoblock pumps KM are used generally to pumping of water in agriculture, in systems of heating and water supply of municipal services and in other industries. Sometimes these pumps apply to pumping of other neutral liquids with a temperature from 0 to 85 degrees which contain firm inclusions up to 0,2 mm in size with concentration not higher than 0,1%.

Material of details of a flowing part of pumps of console KM is gray cast iron. On consolidation knot execution of the pump of the KM brand depends on temperature of the pumped-over liquid and pressure on an entrance to the pump. The greatest application is found by konsolnomonoblochny pumps KM with face consolidation.
The plants which make KM pumps make them both under other names and without obvious constructive differences. Essential distinctive feature of pumps monoblock the KM brands is difficulty of replacement of the regular electric motor with the electric motor of smaller power which is necessary after turning of a wheel.

In a warehouse of our company the essential stock of pumps KM – from the smallest to large-size models is always supported.
Monoblock pumps KM by the form of the pumped-over environment are intended to Konsolno generally for water (except sea) and liquids similar to water on density, viscosity (to 36 cSt), with a hydrogen indicator of pH from 6 to 9.

Also monoblock pumps KM of a special purpose are issued:
- for pumping of chemically active environments (pump HM),
- light oil products (pump KMN),
- foodstuff
- other monoblock pumps for various environments. The most part of household pumps is made in monoblock execution.

Temperature of the pumped-over liquid for water pumps KM:
- with omental consolidation - from 0 to 80 ° C,
- with face (face) consolidation - from 0 to 105 ° C (short-term excess of the maximum temperature to 120 ° C is allowed).

Climatic modification and category of placement for pumps KM - U3.1.

The allowed pressure on an entrance to the pump:
- for pumps with omental consolidation - 3,5 atm.
- for pumps with face consolidation - 6 atm.

Pumps KM allow a small amount of mechanical impurity in the pumped-over liquid: to 0,2% on weight. The size of particles in impurity - to 0,2 mm.

Absorption height (the pump KM which is not self-soaking up) differs depending on brand of the pump. 
For determination of height of absorption of the pump (when pumping water from an open source, with a normal atmospheric pressure, at water temperature - 20 ° C) it is possible to use the simplified formula

Nvs = Natm-Fv-Δnvs-(NPSHr+0,5)), where:
- Natm - atmospheric pressure (10,33m)
- Fv - pressure of saturated steam of water at 20 ° C (0,24m)
- ΔНвс - losses of a pressure on absorption, m
- NPSHr - the cavitational stock specified in technical characteristics each brand of the pump KM.
Materials of the main parts of pumps:
- a pump housing, the consolidation case, the driving wheel - gray SCh20, 25 cast iron.
Pumps KM have the advantages and shortcomings in comparison with console pumps of K type.

- the driving wheel fastens directly on an electric motor shaft. In case of low-quality production, the expensive electric motor can fail.

- the KM pump unit is much less by the size of the similar pump of K type;
- the smaller number of spare parts (there is no arm, the coupling);
- there is no need to make centering of the pump and electric motor;
- lower electricity consumption due to the lack of losses in the coupling and bearings of the pump.
Pumps KM together with pumps of K type find application practically in all fields of the industry, agriculture, in housing-and-municipal branch and many others.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
The medium to be pumped:Water with impurities
Typ av Installation:Surface
Type of pump:Centrifugal Pump
Type of drive:Electric
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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