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  • PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)
PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)
  • PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)
  • PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)
  • PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)
  • PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)

PUMP 1KC 12-110 (KC 12-110)

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from 21000 UAH
Brand:Катайский Насосный Завод
Country of manufacture:Russia

 Pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110)

Units electric pump the KS type - centrifugal, condensate, horizontal, multistage are intended for pumping of condensate in steam networks of the thermal power plants using organic fuel and also the liquids similar to condensate on viscosity, chemical activity and the maintenance of firm particles. Condensate has to have
hydrogen indicator rn 6,8... 9,2 also should not contain firm particles more than 0,1 mm in size and concentration no more 5mg/l.
Temperature of the pumped-over liquid - 398 K (+125 C).
Pressure on an entrance to the electric pump on more 0,39mpa (4 kgfs/cm2).
Consolidation of a shaft of the pump - double stuffing.

Pump standard size

Giving, m3/h

Pressure, m

Dopust. kavitats. stock, m, no more

Frequency vrashch., with-1 (rpm)

 Dvig-la's power,


Mass of the pump,


Mass of the unit,


Ks 12-110








Price pump of 21000 UAH; The Price in the unit of 24600 UAH.

Ph. 8098 228 80 39

General information about pumps
The pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) - the condensate centrifugal pump of a unilateral entrance with the rotating rotor on two bearing support. 
Structurally multistage horizontal with the socket on an axis.
The drive of the unit 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) carries out the electric motor connected to a pump part via the connecting coupling.

Scope, the pumped-over environments
Condensate pumps 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) are used for the pumping of condensate and liquids similar on the properties to condensate, in the parovodny networks using organic fuel, power plants.

 The pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) pumps over Wednesdays with the following indicators:
- temperature of environments is up to +125 ° (398K);
- pH (a hydrogen indicator) in the range of 6,8-9,2:
- the maximum concentration of firm particles in the environment of 5 mg/ml;
- the maximum size of firm particles is 0,1 mm.

Characteristics, pump design
The pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) section with the horizontal socket of the case on an axis. 
The driving wheel centrifugal with a unilateral entrance.
The soaking-up branch pipe has the direction vertical down, the pressure head branch pipe is directed horizontally. 
The arrangement of branch pipes in the lower part of the case allows to disassemble the pump without detachment it from pipelines.
The rotor of the pump rotates in two bearing support.

Units electric pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) are issued in climatic modification of UHL 4 (for a temperate and frigid climate). 
By request the producer can make the pump of Ks in climatic modifications of T, TV and the CU, categories of placement 2,3,4.

Flowing part of the pump 1ks 12-110 (Ks 12-110) is made of gray cast iron of the SCh20 brand.
The shaft is made of steel 45-ZGP. 

Consolidation of a shaft - stuffing double (OD). 



Brand:Катайский Насосный Завод
Country of manufacture:Russia
The medium to be pumped:Clean water
Typ av Installation:Surface
Type of drive:Electric
Installation method:Vertical
Information is up-to-date: 19.02.2018

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